Friday, August 10, 2007


Back home now, in fact I'm done with terminal leave. I hope all goes well with the surge, indications are we are finally doing things right. The question is will the Majority party in Congress give Rave Petreaus enough time. The smear campaign has already begun-he is somehow to blame for Iraq being awash in weapons because the IA were and are corrupt. Even the GAO report tries to jump him into that mess. One would think our illustrious Senator's had never traveled or done business overseas. Or for that matter poured any concrete in the home district.
The Army: has come in for much of my blanting, and rightly so. The institution is in need of a slash and burn re-org and a major bloodletting amongst the leadership, especially the officers.
Not that you can't take your safety belt and drape on the dash of that cab you'll drive in Fayetteville, Sergeant Major. For too long the Army has been a refuge for fools to hide behind T-walls from life and the enemy (real civilian life is the "contingency" we need to bring the troops back home to guard against). Not that I damn all, perhaps not even most. Most soldiers are warriors or they wish the system would let them be...but there are two Armies: the fighting Army, and the force structure Army. *
*Goldwater/Nichols 1986-the law of unintended consequences
The fighting Army is like a smokestack corporation attempting to keep up with a nimble, brilliant, innovative startup while saddled with a huge, unionized troglodyte semi-socialized workforce with a huge unfunded pension plan. Think of the US traditional airlines or GM. That's the "contingency" PX that PVT Casey is guarding at home-the force structure Army.
Get in the war, or get out.
The Lawyers: Silent Enem Leges Intra Armas (the law is silent in war).
The law must be sent packing from the ranks, or the ranks can pack up and the lawyers can face the enemy (n.b Mr. Biden). This circle could not be squared by Cicero 2000 years ago (above quote) and still can't be even by the most "morally evolved" Ivy Leager.
The Surge: is the last ditch before our home soil. If you think you can hold Afghanistan or invade Pakistan (risible) after losing can't read a map. Or people.
The Soldiers: best men I ever knew, most of them young. If we can keep America going strong for 20 years we'll make it another 100 on their shoulders. It's the baby boomers that usher our doom...we must stop coddling their Oedipal complex about America.
The leaders: some of who I outranked...SSG and below good to very good. Above that...we were hurting, the good ones are coming rare (I know I cannot speak for everywhere...but I can't ignore what I went through either). See the soldiers entry above, and get out of the way.

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