Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Graveyard Blues

...A modest suggestion...

We need to gain back some lost psychological ground. Every day bodies go unclaimed, perhaps even untouched in the streets, morgues and rivers of Iraq. Muslims hold the burial of their dead preferably by sundown that day to be very sacred. Currently it's not safe even to pick up a body in the streets. Let's put together Joint USA/Iraqi patrols specifically to do just that...recover the bodies (yes, even before we fix the trash problem), use our vaunted technology to ID the body as rapidly as possible so as to speed it back to the family with all respect. Make sure only Muslims handle the body if possible-preferably some of them American. Give the GITMO chaplains something to do besides pass notes in class.

Gestures like this would buy us some street cred, and get some lost good faith back.


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