Sunday, May 20, 2007

Correspondence on Bachevich's death (LT type)

There was a 27 year old army lieutenant named Andrew Bacevich from Walpole MA killed in Balad last week. His father is a brilliant political scientist who teaches at Boston University. I think he's the clearest thinking man out there. Condolezza Rice ought to get a basic lesson in history (and in reality, she's crazy) from him.
Funeral is Monday. Did you know him or anything about his demise? Very unfortunate.
Fr James

Fr. James,

I have read some of his father, I only know what I read in Iraq Slogger about the LT's death....but it made the news when he was killed. I think he (the father) wrote American Empire or something like that a few years ago....the basic point being that our foreign policy has been remarkably similar regardless of party for the last 100 years...hegemonistic spread of democracy, and that the parties overblow very narrow differences to get elected. He is essentially correct on this point.
If you want to get better informed of the Iraq view (both American and Iraqi) check out Iraq Slogger. And please understand that as much as the left has done a good job of adding Saddam & CO to their panetheon of victims to make Bush look guilty of aggression, that's not what happened. The biggest sin of Bush in fact is no mass firing of his DOD civilians and most especially Generals who allowed us to come in here without any post conventional war plan (despite the fact we have a great deal of experience in this area) in other words no occupation plan. This is a failure primarily of the military leadership, as the deputy CDR of 3D ACR (McMaster's old command) LTC Yingling has pointed out.* They have failed their country, their soldiers and the Iraqi's who trusted us, and the reason is that they put their careers and themselves first. Did you know at Abu Gharib the Military Intelligence COL and General Geoff Miller (the one bought from GITMO) took immunity and the 5th to testify against their own subordinates? And this has happened again and again...Commander's take the 5th, enlisted take the fall. Now that's crazy, and absolutely has nothing to do with Condi Rice. This is who these people are, that's their character when they face the test.
Whatever we have acheived here we can at least say we bought the rest of you in the homeland several precious years.
To go the the F@&%ing mall.
Finally...understand absolutely that this will come back on our soil, with results that cannot be predicted except that they will be terrible, costly and that all of you will regret that you threw away the chance to do it elsewhere with the November dolchstosse.
If you really want to know what I think...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Open the FOB's

If the US won't expand the FOB's (spread the excess security ink) then open parts of them. 10% of the money put into the FOB's put into the streets would buy us at least a 20% reduction in trouble. Safe corridors, with the same security arrangements we have now could be opened to areas of our Camps and FOBs. We open four building's immediately:

1. Hospital

2. Natal Clinic

3. School

4. American University

If you want to show them America works for everyone, then start letting them in.
Graveyard Blues

...A modest suggestion...

We need to gain back some lost psychological ground. Every day bodies go unclaimed, perhaps even untouched in the streets, morgues and rivers of Iraq. Muslims hold the burial of their dead preferably by sundown that day to be very sacred. Currently it's not safe even to pick up a body in the streets. Let's put together Joint USA/Iraqi patrols specifically to do just that...recover the bodies (yes, even before we fix the trash problem), use our vaunted technology to ID the body as rapidly as possible so as to speed it back to the family with all respect. Make sure only Muslims handle the body if possible-preferably some of them American. Give the GITMO chaplains something to do besides pass notes in class.

Gestures like this would buy us some street cred, and get some lost good faith back.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The (not so) Straight Path

Perhaps God still looks after the United States, even when its' being drunk and childish.* Consider this; to walk the Straight Path (jihad) the erhabi first negotiate their families, who either have instilled in them the values that make them fight even though it goes against the "liberal mainstream" values of the ruling elites**or they radicalize and must truly divorce their families first (as opposed to the false denunciations of Osama and Dr. Z's families). Then they must negotiate the ruthless security services** of their own country, make a dangerous journey thru several hiding with new friends from new foes along the way to the land of two rivers.
Then they face us, hostile locals, pick their moments carefully or die quickly.

Now we come to we Amiriki's. We too usually come from traditional families, warfighting families, take up arms in defiance of the liberal consensus (the central pillar of which is that nothing is worth killing over) but also with the tacit approval of our soft, degenerate princes as long as we don't do something ugly on TV (getting caught). We then must journey a morally and spiritually dangerous path past cowardly ner-d0-well trainers, crooked contractors and leadership paralyzed by their peers jellyfish stings if they're not the mindless stinging jellyfish themselves. If you want to see this in action, attend a staff meeting.
The role of the political police is performed internally by JAG, CID, NCIS, OSI...who being guardians of the law are of course exempt from it. Externally we face the relentless scourge of the media. All of these Iscarioti betray us with a kiss (support the troops). When we come to the land between the rivers we chose between our life and our liberty each time we unsafe our weapons. Our superiors; faithless, false and owing allegiance only to themselves will surrender us up to the howling jackals upon demand, like a crafty sheik who senses the wind has changed.

In fact, the only people we can trust..maybe..are our brothers in the platoon. For a platoon to be successful over here it requires a level of trust within, and paranoid distrust without precedent in Western militaries. You almost have to be as tight as....a cell.

So without planning it...our corrupt princes are creating within us a true match for the enemy by duplicating his training process.

*or perhaps he just wants to watch a good evenly matched fight.
**but with the tacit approval and covert support of many of same, as long as you don't get caught.

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