Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are pleased to announce...

The creation of the Alcibades award for conspicuous treason during wartime. As treason has in fact become its' own industry or institution, a best practice of business, government, academe and the press, the time has come to announce treason's debut into a mature institution, well deserving of the latter day American practice of awarding formal honors within an interested group.

We haven't decided on what the statue will be...that's still in committee. I'm thinking along the lines of the old Dolchstoss cartoons. But on to the nominations! The categories are:

[] Triangulation

[] Treachery

[] Sophistry

[] Charisma

[] Cui Bono

[] Flattery

My nominees are (feel free to add in comments):

1) Congress; for cutting off an American Army 7000 miles from home in a sea of enemies.

2) Halliburton..for successfully triangulating Gaza pyramid scale graft with high treason by moving its' corporate HQ to Dubai.

We await the votes! Add in comments...


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