Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Katrina

The Big Army can congratulate itself, it is now completely part of the Federal Government, and Iraq is our Katrina. Our assets are stacked up waiting to go...and they never do. People come to us for help, and we promise to get back to them and later becomes never. Meanwhile please spend your remaining moments dragging the shackles of your earthly coils around our endless, ever growing bureaucratic labyrinth. Bring us information? Thanks for risking your life. We'll file that somewhere, maybe a warehouse at Tobyhana depot. Maybe someday some enterprising reporter will use it as background in his book on Iraq.

However, that doesn't mean money doesn't get spent. You just have to be a contractor (non-Iraqi) to get it. Then not only will the floodgates'll spend the taxpayers money to make more of the taxpayers money...but you'll get US military escort. Unless we're sick of you which case you'll get the taxpayers to pay for mercenaries.

The main difference between this and Katrina? We're occupying the high ground of the Superdome, throwing Toby Keith concerts inside, while outside the flood waters never really abate. And yes...there are many great organizations and people doing heroic work like the Coast Guard did during Katrina. But the head shed is "Brownie" holding press conferences and sending plaintive emails, and no Russel Honore has yet appeared to get things moving.


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