Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A little less discipline, a little more courage please

This new discipline is a slavish, unmanning thing. Frankly I have never seen a bunch of Americans so cowed, whipped and miserable. Servility is not discipline. The result is definitively not a better fighting force, just a more docile group being led to defeat. The leadership doesn't have the guts to do the right thing, or anything at all without permission from 2-3 levels above. Nor do they dare challenge anything.

In the short space of a few hours yesterday we were first bested by a cow (don't ask) then watched the insurgents dig in a IED and lay command wire all under our beneficent all watching, all impotent eye. Second time in a week. Being men of action we sprang towards the phone and passed the buck to higher, fulfilling the first Army value--Cover Your Ass. The squabbling TOC toadies fumbled a bit, refused to let us roll waiting gun trucks that could have caught Abu Boom cold busted. They then scrambled air assets. Perhaps we've lost our subtle touch but I don't think it was ever possible to shadow someone overhead with Apache's without giving it away. Up at the TOC, Toad and Stoat couldn't bring themselves to blow up old Mole...so they gave up after a few and sent the Air assets home. So the bad guys slipped away...again.

None of this would be possible without the New Army's New Discipline. Men would have never let mortal enemies off so easily, or their gutless superiors off the hook.

[sorry about mixing my metaphors. Or mating my mixaphors].

Our Command didn't come here for the hunting. Yet the more desperate our position grows-and it doesn't get much more desperate then an expeditionary force 7000 miles from home whose legislature cuts off from supply-the farther we get from victory the more these career losers take refuge in enforcing and indeed inventing new rules. We are beset by a locust swarm of useless people whose war is to sting us in a cloud of their petty regulations....no headphones while exercising, no amber eyepro, the width of the allowed thong at the pool, etc.
It's some weird denial mechanism for dealing with their failure and cowardice-if you can't face War, then make sure Garrison breaks out.

What a pity all these fine young men are being wasted, we will not see their like again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick and wrong. Our snipers have given up calling in IED emplacers because they know the only action that will be taken is a Hellfire missile from a Predator or rolling out the Apaches. Wouldn't want to waste a .02 bullet from a guy on the scene, not in today's Army. I get that we are trying to win hearts and minds, and force isn't always the answer, but digging a hole after dark should get Ali Baba an automatic trip to paradise, no questions asked. I apologize on behalf of fobbits everywhere that want to help win this war and not prevent it.

9:06 PM  
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