Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hijab Nancy and Burkha Murtha

Congrats from the Green machine on your treason during wartime. You've given H.A.L and the Soviet economy BDU republik another couple of decades on the incompetence pass. Up until now our impending fiasco could justly be blamed on military incompetence and moral cowardice along with the unbridled graft of KBR et al. No more. Thanks to the leftist dolchstosslegende
(stab in the back) of cutting off an expeditionary force 7000 miles from home in a sea of enemies, everything bad that has happened up to now and going forward can be blamed on your treason.

Segue...every woman who meets you Nancy should thank've not only made their impending enslavement closer, you've also bought them closer to the midwife whose going to separate them from sensitive bits of their anatomy (female specific). As far as Burkha Murtha...may nothing good happen to either Pennsylvania or the USMC until they clear the stain on their honor. Neither deserve good fortune.


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