Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First the Bang, then the whimper...

Sometimes historic events are as obvious as two quarter-mile skyscrapers being reduced into a cloud of ash and dust, sometimes they are less spectacular. Don't doubt that the vote to cutoff funding for an Army 7,000 miles from home in a sea of enemies-there is no truly friendly country to us closer than Israel-while we are still engaged in combat is such a moment. For the first time not an American ally is being betrayed, but an American expeditionary force itself. For the first time American soldiers are being treated as if they were no better than the Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, Iranians, Kurds, French in Vietnam, Chinese Nationalists and all the others who were thrown to the wolves in their hour of need. Proves that for all the New Democrat's talk of not punishing the troops this time (like Vietnam) they hold us in no higher regard than the short list of allies who have been betrayed I note above.

The media pundits will do yeoman's service playing this down as just political maneuvers, but the world now and history later will take note. Not only will they abandon their allies, they abandon a healthy, vigorous Army in command of the field to slowly being starved of resources until it must flee or die. Does anyone doubt that if we were facing the Chinese or North Koreans or North Vietnamese of today or 50 years ago, the Japanese, Germans or Russians of the past, or any of our enemies that our fate would be sealed? As it is...if they see this through we may yet still be lucky to see home again.

The consequences of cutting off our funding play out like this...our relief forces (or potential emergency reinforcements) will have to curtail or stop training. That means more extensions. It will also mean less prep for the troops coming here...and all of that is nearly immediate. By summer..the insurgents most active time..this enterprise here will be running out of money.

I wonder...when the insurgents..who must know they are facing a demoralized Maginot Line force already...see us cut off from money..will the temptation for a large scale general offensive (which needs no aircraft or ships, just widespread guerrilla action country wide) of many small scale attacks be more than they can resist?



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