Sunday, April 29, 2007

Defeat in Detail

We are already defeated politically here and at home, and we lost the media war by keeping our best reporters (the soldiers) gag ordered. We have long since ceded the population-the primary objective-to the enemy, and are only now making an effort to take it back. We are spread out amongst many FOB's and now even more so with Joint Security Stations and Combat outposts.*
In 2004 the Mahdi Army was able to mount a serious challenge with only a few thousand ill trained militia. They now have tens of thousands well trained, well equipped veteran militia and Iran has 32,000 agents here to assist them. If the combination of the Fallujah uprising and the Mahdi Army uprising in 2004 put a strain on us, I wonder what could happen to this demoralized Maginot Line force** now? Our Generals had better hope the enemy's innate caution and patience win out over temptation. Or they'll be the ones being investigated at long last. You can't blame strategic defeat on junior enlisted.

*although I applaud fact I think most of the FOB's should be emptied out and put on patrol.

**If you don't agree, ask yourself why they bought in 20,000 fresh troops when most of the ones already here are still sitting on their fobs. Cuz the one's here are ruined.


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