Monday, April 16, 2007

Cui Bono?

(who benefits)

Can anyone tell me what we are doing here? Certainly Command didn't come here for the hunting, did they? We are pulling our entire oversized squadron back inside the wire just as the mortars (predictably) are really getting their groove on. Supposedly we are under 100 days, I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen both parts of this movie before: last spring/summer the mortars increased with the rising heat until we decided to stop sitting on our collective asses and start patrolling the villages, and we also did the "we're short, pull everyone in" part late last fall. Then we got extended. Let's see if the short squeeze suckers buy in again and start making vacation plans.

I really can't point to much in the way of tangible accomplishments beyond $5000 a day in meals to KBR. Sure, we bagged a few bag guys but if they had let us fight we would have bagged a few hundred, more importantly we'd actually establish some security around this base and show these people we are as serious as the enemy. Whose chain of Command I'd exchange for mine in a heartbeat.

Hell, I'd rather follow the kids at the gate who spy, steal and pester us. They've got more motivation, better leadership and more courage than my entire chain from E7 to POTUS. And they've got more time inside our wire than my chain does outside it.


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