Sunday, April 22, 2007

The code is cracked

Not that it's going to solve our problems, but our young soldiers have come through with the answer again. Last night, one of many interminable long nights at the checkpoint a solider told me a story that explains a lot about the New Inaction Army.

In High school, he had a radical English teacher (that reminds him of me...maybe I'll vote Democratic next time just as a nod to the gods of the polis) who taught the students something about critical thinking...or at least something other than rote memorization. He also had a principal who liked grind dancing at the high school prom. No hip hop. And slow dancing only at a distance of six inches apart...since that might lead somewhere. The whole rebel drama played out...eventually the principal quit cuz the English teacher started a movement to punk him out.

What jarred his memory on this was a trip to the pool....we have a flea 9 assigned here whose place of duty is pool enforcer of standards. His job is to walk around the pool and make sure, that people don't wear headphones, or too skimpy a bathing suit. Or that the Navy diver can't wear his issue diving shorts...too tight.

Miss Grundy is running the Army....and sorry, they may be young but it's NOT school teaching. Your job is NOT to keep them from mischief. Hell...your job is to make sure they get up not only to mischief but bloody mayhem, and beat (KILL) the other guys out at it.

Do us a favor...get the Fiki out and go teach. Elementary school, not TRADOC.



Anonymous Chesna said...

Thanks for writing this.

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