Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Can't beat 'em? Join 'em

Hmm....we seem to be unable to prosecute the Iraqi campaign successfully.* So what can we put in the success block on the OER or NCOER? I know...let's prosecute the men. Murder will work if nothing else...there's a great opportunity business out there for an ambitious young military lawyer. Justified killing or murder/war crime? Why it's a mere matter of semantics. The law today has long since abandoned legal positivism for legal post modernism...and it always helps should the real hard left start having war crime tribunals at the Hague or in the States.

Our Leadership aren't the only ones triangulating themselves. Halliburton has moved it's HQ to Dubai. Congrats on the successful transition from Graft to Treason. Trade follows a victorious standard, especially since the Green one isn't as conflicted as ours on any important issue. Apparently simple green is a lower common denominator than all those busy stars, fields, stripes etc.

Meanwhile back in the States, the party of treason has cast a historic dolchstoss vote...for the first time an American Army (an expeditionary force surrounded by enemies 7000 miles from home no less) will be treated like the Nationalist Chinese, French in Indochina, South Vietnamese, Iranians, Somoza etc and cut off from supply. In doing so they will not only doom our efforts here to a range of options from disaster for the suckas dumb enough to trust us to we ourselves meeting the end the Athenian's met at the river Assinarius in Sicily...they have also made quite sure no one will ever want us as an ally again. So that's the end of the vaulted hegemony, and Pax Americana. Also the end of Pax in America. Remember, the voters spoke.

*although the best of luck to the surge effort and Rave Petreaus. Sincerely.


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