Sunday, April 29, 2007

Defeat in Detail

We are already defeated politically here and at home, and we lost the media war by keeping our best reporters (the soldiers) gag ordered. We have long since ceded the population-the primary objective-to the enemy, and are only now making an effort to take it back. We are spread out amongst many FOB's and now even more so with Joint Security Stations and Combat outposts.*
In 2004 the Mahdi Army was able to mount a serious challenge with only a few thousand ill trained militia. They now have tens of thousands well trained, well equipped veteran militia and Iran has 32,000 agents here to assist them. If the combination of the Fallujah uprising and the Mahdi Army uprising in 2004 put a strain on us, I wonder what could happen to this demoralized Maginot Line force** now? Our Generals had better hope the enemy's innate caution and patience win out over temptation. Or they'll be the ones being investigated at long last. You can't blame strategic defeat on junior enlisted.

*although I applaud fact I think most of the FOB's should be emptied out and put on patrol.

**If you don't agree, ask yourself why they bought in 20,000 fresh troops when most of the ones already here are still sitting on their fobs. Cuz the one's here are ruined.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The code is cracked

Not that it's going to solve our problems, but our young soldiers have come through with the answer again. Last night, one of many interminable long nights at the checkpoint a solider told me a story that explains a lot about the New Inaction Army.

In High school, he had a radical English teacher (that reminds him of me...maybe I'll vote Democratic next time just as a nod to the gods of the polis) who taught the students something about critical thinking...or at least something other than rote memorization. He also had a principal who liked grind dancing at the high school prom. No hip hop. And slow dancing only at a distance of six inches apart...since that might lead somewhere. The whole rebel drama played out...eventually the principal quit cuz the English teacher started a movement to punk him out.

What jarred his memory on this was a trip to the pool....we have a flea 9 assigned here whose place of duty is pool enforcer of standards. His job is to walk around the pool and make sure, that people don't wear headphones, or too skimpy a bathing suit. Or that the Navy diver can't wear his issue diving shorts...too tight.

Miss Grundy is running the Army....and sorry, they may be young but it's NOT school teaching. Your job is NOT to keep them from mischief. Hell...your job is to make sure they get up not only to mischief but bloody mayhem, and beat (KILL) the other guys out at it.

Do us a favor...get the Fiki out and go teach. Elementary school, not TRADOC.


Our Katrina

The Big Army can congratulate itself, it is now completely part of the Federal Government, and Iraq is our Katrina. Our assets are stacked up waiting to go...and they never do. People come to us for help, and we promise to get back to them and later becomes never. Meanwhile please spend your remaining moments dragging the shackles of your earthly coils around our endless, ever growing bureaucratic labyrinth. Bring us information? Thanks for risking your life. We'll file that somewhere, maybe a warehouse at Tobyhana depot. Maybe someday some enterprising reporter will use it as background in his book on Iraq.

However, that doesn't mean money doesn't get spent. You just have to be a contractor (non-Iraqi) to get it. Then not only will the floodgates'll spend the taxpayers money to make more of the taxpayers money...but you'll get US military escort. Unless we're sick of you which case you'll get the taxpayers to pay for mercenaries.

The main difference between this and Katrina? We're occupying the high ground of the Superdome, throwing Toby Keith concerts inside, while outside the flood waters never really abate. And yes...there are many great organizations and people doing heroic work like the Coast Guard did during Katrina. But the head shed is "Brownie" holding press conferences and sending plaintive emails, and no Russel Honore has yet appeared to get things moving.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cui Bono?

(who benefits)

Can anyone tell me what we are doing here? Certainly Command didn't come here for the hunting, did they? We are pulling our entire oversized squadron back inside the wire just as the mortars (predictably) are really getting their groove on. Supposedly we are under 100 days, I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen both parts of this movie before: last spring/summer the mortars increased with the rising heat until we decided to stop sitting on our collective asses and start patrolling the villages, and we also did the "we're short, pull everyone in" part late last fall. Then we got extended. Let's see if the short squeeze suckers buy in again and start making vacation plans.

I really can't point to much in the way of tangible accomplishments beyond $5000 a day in meals to KBR. Sure, we bagged a few bag guys but if they had let us fight we would have bagged a few hundred, more importantly we'd actually establish some security around this base and show these people we are as serious as the enemy. Whose chain of Command I'd exchange for mine in a heartbeat.

Hell, I'd rather follow the kids at the gate who spy, steal and pester us. They've got more motivation, better leadership and more courage than my entire chain from E7 to POTUS. And they've got more time inside our wire than my chain does outside it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are pleased to announce...

The creation of the Alcibades award for conspicuous treason during wartime. As treason has in fact become its' own industry or institution, a best practice of business, government, academe and the press, the time has come to announce treason's debut into a mature institution, well deserving of the latter day American practice of awarding formal honors within an interested group.

We haven't decided on what the statue will be...that's still in committee. I'm thinking along the lines of the old Dolchstoss cartoons. But on to the nominations! The categories are:

[] Triangulation

[] Treachery

[] Sophistry

[] Charisma

[] Cui Bono

[] Flattery

My nominees are (feel free to add in comments):

1) Congress; for cutting off an American Army 7000 miles from home in a sea of enemies.

2) Halliburton..for successfully triangulating Gaza pyramid scale graft with high treason by moving its' corporate HQ to Dubai.

We await the votes! Add in comments...

Can't beat 'em? Join 'em

Hmm....we seem to be unable to prosecute the Iraqi campaign successfully.* So what can we put in the success block on the OER or NCOER? I know...let's prosecute the men. Murder will work if nothing else...there's a great opportunity business out there for an ambitious young military lawyer. Justified killing or murder/war crime? Why it's a mere matter of semantics. The law today has long since abandoned legal positivism for legal post modernism...and it always helps should the real hard left start having war crime tribunals at the Hague or in the States.

Our Leadership aren't the only ones triangulating themselves. Halliburton has moved it's HQ to Dubai. Congrats on the successful transition from Graft to Treason. Trade follows a victorious standard, especially since the Green one isn't as conflicted as ours on any important issue. Apparently simple green is a lower common denominator than all those busy stars, fields, stripes etc.

Meanwhile back in the States, the party of treason has cast a historic dolchstoss vote...for the first time an American Army (an expeditionary force surrounded by enemies 7000 miles from home no less) will be treated like the Nationalist Chinese, French in Indochina, South Vietnamese, Iranians, Somoza etc and cut off from supply. In doing so they will not only doom our efforts here to a range of options from disaster for the suckas dumb enough to trust us to we ourselves meeting the end the Athenian's met at the river Assinarius in Sicily...they have also made quite sure no one will ever want us as an ally again. So that's the end of the vaulted hegemony, and Pax Americana. Also the end of Pax in America. Remember, the voters spoke.

*although the best of luck to the surge effort and Rave Petreaus. Sincerely.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A little less discipline, a little more courage please

This new discipline is a slavish, unmanning thing. Frankly I have never seen a bunch of Americans so cowed, whipped and miserable. Servility is not discipline. The result is definitively not a better fighting force, just a more docile group being led to defeat. The leadership doesn't have the guts to do the right thing, or anything at all without permission from 2-3 levels above. Nor do they dare challenge anything.

In the short space of a few hours yesterday we were first bested by a cow (don't ask) then watched the insurgents dig in a IED and lay command wire all under our beneficent all watching, all impotent eye. Second time in a week. Being men of action we sprang towards the phone and passed the buck to higher, fulfilling the first Army value--Cover Your Ass. The squabbling TOC toadies fumbled a bit, refused to let us roll waiting gun trucks that could have caught Abu Boom cold busted. They then scrambled air assets. Perhaps we've lost our subtle touch but I don't think it was ever possible to shadow someone overhead with Apache's without giving it away. Up at the TOC, Toad and Stoat couldn't bring themselves to blow up old they gave up after a few and sent the Air assets home. So the bad guys slipped away...again.

None of this would be possible without the New Army's New Discipline. Men would have never let mortal enemies off so easily, or their gutless superiors off the hook.

[sorry about mixing my metaphors. Or mating my mixaphors].

Our Command didn't come here for the hunting. Yet the more desperate our position grows-and it doesn't get much more desperate then an expeditionary force 7000 miles from home whose legislature cuts off from supply-the farther we get from victory the more these career losers take refuge in enforcing and indeed inventing new rules. We are beset by a locust swarm of useless people whose war is to sting us in a cloud of their petty headphones while exercising, no amber eyepro, the width of the allowed thong at the pool, etc.
It's some weird denial mechanism for dealing with their failure and cowardice-if you can't face War, then make sure Garrison breaks out.

What a pity all these fine young men are being wasted, we will not see their like again.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hijab Nancy and Burkha Murtha

Congrats from the Green machine on your treason during wartime. You've given H.A.L and the Soviet economy BDU republik another couple of decades on the incompetence pass. Up until now our impending fiasco could justly be blamed on military incompetence and moral cowardice along with the unbridled graft of KBR et al. No more. Thanks to the leftist dolchstosslegende
(stab in the back) of cutting off an expeditionary force 7000 miles from home in a sea of enemies, everything bad that has happened up to now and going forward can be blamed on your treason.

Segue...every woman who meets you Nancy should thank've not only made their impending enslavement closer, you've also bought them closer to the midwife whose going to separate them from sensitive bits of their anatomy (female specific). As far as Burkha Murtha...may nothing good happen to either Pennsylvania or the USMC until they clear the stain on their honor. Neither deserve good fortune.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First the Bang, then the whimper...

Sometimes historic events are as obvious as two quarter-mile skyscrapers being reduced into a cloud of ash and dust, sometimes they are less spectacular. Don't doubt that the vote to cutoff funding for an Army 7,000 miles from home in a sea of enemies-there is no truly friendly country to us closer than Israel-while we are still engaged in combat is such a moment. For the first time not an American ally is being betrayed, but an American expeditionary force itself. For the first time American soldiers are being treated as if they were no better than the Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, Iranians, Kurds, French in Vietnam, Chinese Nationalists and all the others who were thrown to the wolves in their hour of need. Proves that for all the New Democrat's talk of not punishing the troops this time (like Vietnam) they hold us in no higher regard than the short list of allies who have been betrayed I note above.

The media pundits will do yeoman's service playing this down as just political maneuvers, but the world now and history later will take note. Not only will they abandon their allies, they abandon a healthy, vigorous Army in command of the field to slowly being starved of resources until it must flee or die. Does anyone doubt that if we were facing the Chinese or North Koreans or North Vietnamese of today or 50 years ago, the Japanese, Germans or Russians of the past, or any of our enemies that our fate would be sealed? As it is...if they see this through we may yet still be lucky to see home again.

The consequences of cutting off our funding play out like this...our relief forces (or potential emergency reinforcements) will have to curtail or stop training. That means more extensions. It will also mean less prep for the troops coming here...and all of that is nearly immediate. By summer..the insurgents most active time..this enterprise here will be running out of money.

I wonder...when the insurgents..who must know they are facing a demoralized Maginot Line force already...see us cut off from money..will the temptation for a large scale general offensive (which needs no aircraft or ships, just widespread guerrilla action country wide) of many small scale attacks be more than they can resist?


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