Friday, March 30, 2007

P.C --work shall make you free (Arbeit Macht Frei)*

The purpose of political correctness is to render first the intellect and then the arm helpless. First you cannot speak in your own defense, after you cannot physically defend yourself. As you are not allowed to think you are worth defending, how can you muster the will or have your mind command your body to do so?

Do not doubt we are well into the second part. We fight to the death against the enemy whose name we dare not speak, most of the government that deals with the war at all focuses most of their effort denying us the right to name the enemy. Or search, or profile, or literally discriminate-to judge.

We are denied judgement, we are denied thought, we are denied speech....why should we raise a hand to defend ourselves against our murderers?

*the sign that hung over the gate to Auschwitz.


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