Thursday, March 22, 2007

Forrestal's Madman's insight

About the time the H.A.L (Higher Army Leadership) 1947 computer was built the first Secretary of the new Department of Defense-James Forrestal-went barking mad. He ended up raving that the military was controlled by a Communist conspiracy and jumping out a window at Bethesda. I'm assuming H.A.L didn't use his robot arm to push him out. Not trying to start any rumors but I'm just saying here....

Anyway....following the theory that madmen may occasionally have twisted insight...what if he was onto something? Not that the military was controlled by Communist's...that kind of ballsy conspiracy would be bad for OER's. Couldn't be pulled off. But what if what he noticed was that he was creating the Soviet Command economy of military bureaucracy..complete with all the insane inefficiencies, centralized planning lunacy, above all creating a subsidized state of incompetence within our otherwise healthy military. Because that's what we have...just as the Soviet's were subsidized by the West for seven decades until Reagan came along and pulled the credit card out from under them...the Pentagon and our overly centralized leadership are subsidized by the richest economy in the world and fine young people's efforts at the lower levels. However like the Soviet economy we have been unsuccessful for several decades. Their failed 5 year plans and annual grain harvest failures could be compared to our several failed wars and equally misguided transformation plans (the Penatomic Army, Revolution in Military Affairs). Worst of all...everyone in the military now thinks that any mistaken policies require a change in doctrine (TRADOC and Ft. Leavenworth become the Central Committee).

Gee...I guess that means we need a Reagan, and he might just need a Gorbachev.


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