Thursday, March 29, 2007


You can think outside the box all you want. If we ever want to act, we have to burn the box first.

The Army will never, ever reform from within. The people in the Army behave the way they first, don't take any risks, be a yes man, throw the men under the bus because it is in their interests. In the aggregate, it's in their interests to have the Army we have. Who cares if it doesn't win wars and can only field less than 150 thousand to actually fight out of one million total during a World War? What matters is what advances careers individually and collectively.

It is in the interest of the institution to ensure that whenever we go to war, garrison breaks out as soon as it can be negotiated. We have to have something to keep the 10,000 new SGM's* the Army will suffer us to endure soon, surely you don't expect them to dirty their hands with leaving the wire or trooping the line.

It's in the institutions interest to ignore the war they have right now, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future in favor of big procurements for the war they think they wanna have, or at least wish to postulate (conventional conflict with...ah...maybe China?) to justify FCS over V hull vehicles like the Cougar, Buffalo or ASV that are on hand now.

The institution will never reform, it has to be liquidated and the healthy assets (soldiers, equipment, junior and mid-level leaders who get results) transferred to healthy organizations so we can fight the war that mortally threatens us now. The healthy organizations? SOF, CIA clandestine ops, any operation outside the large bureaucracy that is getting results.

The institution has not won a war since 1945, and the bar keeps getting lower. We won't have much left to defend if we don't make the hard choices now...the enemy will make them for us.

*hereafter referred to as "Flea 9's".


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