Friday, March 30, 2007

Break the Boys
(or...the 4th Estate's victory)

Yes if things are bad at home it is crazing to the soldiers as we are caught and helpless. IRA says break the boys inside, break the boys outside. Gangsters say same thing-run the inside, run the outside. And if there's one way to make sure every daily crisis of life that goes on when we're away is magnified to maddening proportions it's to scare the living shit out of any family member, especially the wives who watch TV, listen to the radio or pick up a newspaper.
That's the genius of what the media has done, really. All they really have to do is break the 1% (to include the reserves) who serve by stressing their families, and sooner or later either the will to fight breaks or the recruits will stop coming. The 1% comes from the other 9% who are vets and their families. It's rather like the metropolitan police and fire departments over time-generational. Recruiters refer to this group-- family, teachers, mentors as the "influencers"--those who will influence a young person in their choices and the formation of their character that would lead them to both be the kind of person to sacrifice, fight, and endure the slavery of enlistment. If they don't buy into war, any war, it's over. A sure way to get a man to stop going or not to go at all is to have every woman in his life not crying while trying to be bravely supportive but absolutely forbidding it..he ain't going.

What's that leave us with? A draft? That would actually be amusing to see Congress try it.


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