Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bin Laden's Lies

Occupying the Hijaz (Arabian Penisula): An Army encamped there for a few months to defend it's territory, with the permission of it's rulers to defend it from aggression, which then leaves after it has chucked them out of Kuwait, leaving a small, residual staff of trainers is occupation? The truth of 1991 is we functioned more as Janassaries, or Malmuks. Certainly King Fahd thought so at the time (he offered us wages of an additional 3000.00$ a month) and the Kuwaiti's behaved so to our troops afterwards. This was a simple matter of defending mutual interests, which Muslim rulers allowed many times throughout history in dealing with the West. Apparently ANY non-Muslim presence is occupation. We could similarly say the Muslims are "occupying" the Rivera, or Las Vegas. Or for that matter Patterson, Jersey City or Brooklyn.

Plundering Riches: by keeping oil prices artificially low in the 80's and 90's. Yes, the prices were kept below free-market prices, in exchange for which the Arab world was defended against first Communism (low prices undercut Soviet oil sales while building up the capitalist West's economies) and then from Saddam's huge Army which could have easily overwhelmed all the Gulf States except for Iran. BTW anytime the Arab world would like a true free market for oil, I am sure they'd find us quite amenable.

Humilation. The true root of muslim humiliation is that they believe themselves to be the masters of all mankind by divine right, yet it is quite the opposite now. In particular the victories of the Jews over vastly superior armies provokes them to insane, raging incoherence.
This has nothing to do with any actual grievance. It has to do with peoples they looked down on and exploited for 1300 years as dhimnni (Christians, Jews, Hindus) suddenly putting on airs and thinking they have rights, further actually winning victories over them. This is the rage of masters against slaves in revolt. How dare these uppity niggers think they have the right to speak to me this way? Then there's the whole matter of women as chattel....which we don't have time enough to get into. Suffice to say the knowing smiles, come hither looks and sudden exaggerated sway of the hips we get when the men aren't watching don't bode well for you holding on to them either. Wink.


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