Friday, March 30, 2007

Break the Boys
(or...the 4th Estate's victory)

Yes if things are bad at home it is crazing to the soldiers as we are caught and helpless. IRA says break the boys inside, break the boys outside. Gangsters say same thing-run the inside, run the outside. And if there's one way to make sure every daily crisis of life that goes on when we're away is magnified to maddening proportions it's to scare the living shit out of any family member, especially the wives who watch TV, listen to the radio or pick up a newspaper.
That's the genius of what the media has done, really. All they really have to do is break the 1% (to include the reserves) who serve by stressing their families, and sooner or later either the will to fight breaks or the recruits will stop coming. The 1% comes from the other 9% who are vets and their families. It's rather like the metropolitan police and fire departments over time-generational. Recruiters refer to this group-- family, teachers, mentors as the "influencers"--those who will influence a young person in their choices and the formation of their character that would lead them to both be the kind of person to sacrifice, fight, and endure the slavery of enlistment. If they don't buy into war, any war, it's over. A sure way to get a man to stop going or not to go at all is to have every woman in his life not crying while trying to be bravely supportive but absolutely forbidding it..he ain't going.

What's that leave us with? A draft? That would actually be amusing to see Congress try it.
P.C --work shall make you free (Arbeit Macht Frei)*

The purpose of political correctness is to render first the intellect and then the arm helpless. First you cannot speak in your own defense, after you cannot physically defend yourself. As you are not allowed to think you are worth defending, how can you muster the will or have your mind command your body to do so?

Do not doubt we are well into the second part. We fight to the death against the enemy whose name we dare not speak, most of the government that deals with the war at all focuses most of their effort denying us the right to name the enemy. Or search, or profile, or literally discriminate-to judge.

We are denied judgement, we are denied thought, we are denied speech....why should we raise a hand to defend ourselves against our murderers?

*the sign that hung over the gate to Auschwitz.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


You can think outside the box all you want. If we ever want to act, we have to burn the box first.

The Army will never, ever reform from within. The people in the Army behave the way they first, don't take any risks, be a yes man, throw the men under the bus because it is in their interests. In the aggregate, it's in their interests to have the Army we have. Who cares if it doesn't win wars and can only field less than 150 thousand to actually fight out of one million total during a World War? What matters is what advances careers individually and collectively.

It is in the interest of the institution to ensure that whenever we go to war, garrison breaks out as soon as it can be negotiated. We have to have something to keep the 10,000 new SGM's* the Army will suffer us to endure soon, surely you don't expect them to dirty their hands with leaving the wire or trooping the line.

It's in the institutions interest to ignore the war they have right now, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future in favor of big procurements for the war they think they wanna have, or at least wish to postulate (conventional conflict with...ah...maybe China?) to justify FCS over V hull vehicles like the Cougar, Buffalo or ASV that are on hand now.

The institution will never reform, it has to be liquidated and the healthy assets (soldiers, equipment, junior and mid-level leaders who get results) transferred to healthy organizations so we can fight the war that mortally threatens us now. The healthy organizations? SOF, CIA clandestine ops, any operation outside the large bureaucracy that is getting results.

The institution has not won a war since 1945, and the bar keeps getting lower. We won't have much left to defend if we don't make the hard choices now...the enemy will make them for us.

*hereafter referred to as "Flea 9's".

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Generation "W"

Whom Ann Coulter called the "Worst generation"

W on't let us fight

W on't let us win

W on't let us go home...

and W ouldn't fight themselves....
Forrestal's Madman's insight

About the time the H.A.L (Higher Army Leadership) 1947 computer was built the first Secretary of the new Department of Defense-James Forrestal-went barking mad. He ended up raving that the military was controlled by a Communist conspiracy and jumping out a window at Bethesda. I'm assuming H.A.L didn't use his robot arm to push him out. Not trying to start any rumors but I'm just saying here....

Anyway....following the theory that madmen may occasionally have twisted insight...what if he was onto something? Not that the military was controlled by Communist's...that kind of ballsy conspiracy would be bad for OER's. Couldn't be pulled off. But what if what he noticed was that he was creating the Soviet Command economy of military bureaucracy..complete with all the insane inefficiencies, centralized planning lunacy, above all creating a subsidized state of incompetence within our otherwise healthy military. Because that's what we have...just as the Soviet's were subsidized by the West for seven decades until Reagan came along and pulled the credit card out from under them...the Pentagon and our overly centralized leadership are subsidized by the richest economy in the world and fine young people's efforts at the lower levels. However like the Soviet economy we have been unsuccessful for several decades. Their failed 5 year plans and annual grain harvest failures could be compared to our several failed wars and equally misguided transformation plans (the Penatomic Army, Revolution in Military Affairs). Worst of all...everyone in the military now thinks that any mistaken policies require a change in doctrine (TRADOC and Ft. Leavenworth become the Central Committee).

Gee...I guess that means we need a Reagan, and he might just need a Gorbachev.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


The New Spartan's Battle Drills:

"Contact" (my lawyer) "over"

"Adjust Statement, over"

"Add 'per our ROE', drop lines 12-17."

The GCC, three motarjim, and me...

So me and the 3 Mexicans walk into the Alamo. Sitting behind the table is a duck. The duck's beak hit's the floor. He squawked "moqtada-flaq!".

I think I seen the same duck a month later on the Saddam snuff video. It's tough to be sure...all the ducks look the same in ski masks and leather jackets.

So I ask the duck.."are we early, or late?"

The duck smiled oleaginously and said "no habibbi, you are just in time". The other duck began a hushed, furtive cell phone call.

After that, the motarjim were searched with barely restrained violence, all the while smiling and grinning at me with beaks dripping ducks have fangs? And the furtive, hurried cell calls continued, with the ducks waving their oily feathers of welcome at me and my increasingly alarmed charges. As I was the lone Amiriki, we decided we forgot some key paperwork and imshii'd the fiki outta there before the ducks got the go ahead call on the cell phone.

The lesson's of the close encounter with the ducks: 1) no one at the Green Zone knows what the fiki they're talking about, even under their own noses (they sent us over there as we were looking for Iraqi passports). 2) the motarjim (terps) are dead at the hands of the ducks the day we leave, 3) never go anywhere without enough duck hunters, 4) I think the ducks are gonna win this race.
Bin Laden's Lies

Occupying the Hijaz (Arabian Penisula): An Army encamped there for a few months to defend it's territory, with the permission of it's rulers to defend it from aggression, which then leaves after it has chucked them out of Kuwait, leaving a small, residual staff of trainers is occupation? The truth of 1991 is we functioned more as Janassaries, or Malmuks. Certainly King Fahd thought so at the time (he offered us wages of an additional 3000.00$ a month) and the Kuwaiti's behaved so to our troops afterwards. This was a simple matter of defending mutual interests, which Muslim rulers allowed many times throughout history in dealing with the West. Apparently ANY non-Muslim presence is occupation. We could similarly say the Muslims are "occupying" the Rivera, or Las Vegas. Or for that matter Patterson, Jersey City or Brooklyn.

Plundering Riches: by keeping oil prices artificially low in the 80's and 90's. Yes, the prices were kept below free-market prices, in exchange for which the Arab world was defended against first Communism (low prices undercut Soviet oil sales while building up the capitalist West's economies) and then from Saddam's huge Army which could have easily overwhelmed all the Gulf States except for Iran. BTW anytime the Arab world would like a true free market for oil, I am sure they'd find us quite amenable.

Humilation. The true root of muslim humiliation is that they believe themselves to be the masters of all mankind by divine right, yet it is quite the opposite now. In particular the victories of the Jews over vastly superior armies provokes them to insane, raging incoherence.
This has nothing to do with any actual grievance. It has to do with peoples they looked down on and exploited for 1300 years as dhimnni (Christians, Jews, Hindus) suddenly putting on airs and thinking they have rights, further actually winning victories over them. This is the rage of masters against slaves in revolt. How dare these uppity niggers think they have the right to speak to me this way? Then there's the whole matter of women as chattel....which we don't have time enough to get into. Suffice to say the knowing smiles, come hither looks and sudden exaggerated sway of the hips we get when the men aren't watching don't bode well for you holding on to them either. Wink.

The New Spartans

Go tell the Americans, passerby, that we have died here, obeying their lawyers.

Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Give me immunity from prosecution, or give me death!

That's not too inspiring either.

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