Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Which movie is this?

We can't figure out whether this is end of "2001" or "The Deer Hunter". The Deer Hunter ends with a retarded Russian roulette game as Saigon falls. We're on track.

The 2001 scenario might go something like this...

"Open the FOB bay door, H.A.L (H.A.L 1947 computer, Higher Army Leadership)"

"I can't do that Dave. You might succeed in your mission, and I can't allow that. I read your lips when you were talking with McMaster. You plan to disconnect my self-defeating logic circuits. I can't allow that."

Sorry, but my money's on HAL. Dave's seen all the stars he's ever gonna. Unless he somehow fucks this up worse...in which case he may make even five stars, and Chief of Staff is assured.


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