Friday, February 23, 2007

Frontier Days

"The kingdom of the bronze knows no borders"

The southwest quadrant of the USA can no longer be considered to have borders. It's more properly considered a frontier, with all that entails-lawlessness, danger, order only within certain safe areas-above all subject to raids by marauding bands, usually for pillage but sometimes to settle permanently and claim it as their own. If that does not describe the situation on our southern border, nothing does. If you doubt that this is an Army on the march, you can check the above web site for La Raza. They're moving beyond talk, bohemes and the Salonista's...who by the way were purged over the last two years by professional revolutionaries. That's called clearing the decks for action, not to mention La Real revolucionarios don't know how to do anything else. They'll become Civil Rights non-violent types in the same world Yassir Arafat becomes a partner for peace and Osama wins the Nobel Peace prize.

Wait a minute, I think if he doesn't die of kidney failure Osama will someday be up for it. Scratch that.

Aztlan's/La Raza's web site reads like Hamas of the Western Hemisphere. The clearing of the decks indicates it has passed the point of foolish talk, and that they are moving towards "armed struggle". Guzman did the exact same thing just prior to initiating Sendero's armed struggle nearly three decades ago in Peru. The canard about building a better life is..well...kaka. The better life they seek is the same better life the Visigoths sought in Italy and the Turks sought in Anatolia. Between them they destroyed the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. All they wanted was a better life.

PS: I hate to acknowledging PC even by denying I am not anti-Hispanic. I do urge Hispanics who are loyal to America to check out the situation for themselves. If Aztlan continues on the path of Armed struggle it will define them and their situation in the USA whether you like it or not (you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you).

PPS: while you're on their web site...ponder...what did the Jews ever do to Hispanics?


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is it surge or serge?

There is no excuse for any American stronghold in Iraq not to secure the territory adjacent to it's own perimeter. It's a glaring edifice to our bumbling impotence that the insurgents control the villages right up to the wire, including villages whose economy is partially dependent on us...who just might be somewhat more interested in our success. Soldiers who would much rather be facing the enemy are forced to lag about the bases many distractions...the PX, MWR etc. In fact take a look at any Command Post; how many are helping, how many are are in the war?

As long as we have little garrison USA, what's the motivation to take risks, either for enlisted men (physical risk) or officers (career risk)?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Which movie is this?

We can't figure out whether this is end of "2001" or "The Deer Hunter". The Deer Hunter ends with a retarded Russian roulette game as Saigon falls. We're on track.

The 2001 scenario might go something like this...

"Open the FOB bay door, H.A.L (H.A.L 1947 computer, Higher Army Leadership)"

"I can't do that Dave. You might succeed in your mission, and I can't allow that. I read your lips when you were talking with McMaster. You plan to disconnect my self-defeating logic circuits. I can't allow that."

Sorry, but my money's on HAL. Dave's seen all the stars he's ever gonna. Unless he somehow fucks this up which case he may make even five stars, and Chief of Staff is assured.

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