Monday, January 01, 2007

"War Crimes"

When are reporter's going to start digging into why our soldiers and Marines are target practice for IED's (apparently the Marines in Haditha and Hamdaniya were just supposed to eat the casualties). Why aren't you digging further into the history of that town, to wit that there are two clans there, and one of them recently converted to Wahabbism and started killing not just Amriki's but their fellow Iraqi's in the town. I got this information by talking to our terps, why is it so hard for the media? Start asking the Marine, err..."leadership" (cough, gasp) what their TTP's (tactics, techniques, procedures) are for an IED, or the Army for that matter. You'll find there are no provisions for retaliation, so it's a free shot for the enemy. Then start asking about Hamdaniya; why was a insurgent who had been arrested three times at large (their intended target)?


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