Monday, January 15, 2007

Soldiers need immunity

If it’s good enough for the CIA (pardon...OGA) and M.I. it’s good enough for the rest of us.

This has to be the first Army in history where the soldiers are threatened routinely, in fact relentlessly with dire consequences if victorious. If we spent as much time training in the States on any of the basics of counter-insurgency (we never did) as we did on being threatened by JAG and our own officers...then the soldiers here (1) would know valid reasons to be restrained, instead of fear of corporate lawyers in uniform and (2) we’d actually have been trained in what we need to accomplish. Instead we are target practice for IED’s and the bombers....and all the insurgents know damn well they need not fear arrest. It’s we who need fear using violence, and we need mightily to fear our own “leadership”. They just damned another kid to 18 years for not letting terrorists go, and that’s only if he agrees to be a rat.

There are many ways to carry out an order. My uncle was in WWII, the last war we won. When they received orders to go to their deaths on fruitless patrols by field grade officers safe behind the wire, their LT had the decency to take them just outside the wire and stop. When asked what they were doing he responded “staying alive”. At that time being imprisoned for killing the enemy wasn’t a prospect, I daresay they would have found the theory quite bizarre, and their response to the practice would have quickly foreclosed it.

We are too obedient. We are too disciplined. We are entirely too loyal and bearing of true faith and allegiance to the faithless whose only allegiance is to their OER’s. Do I damn all officers here? NO. But the ones who keep faith (and take risks) with us are almost always company grade, and they have no power.

We need immunity, and we need to begin to demand it from Congress and the Administration. If it bothers them they can think of it as a political quid pro quo....they can give us immunity for the predictable consequences of war –killing and destruction-as we have given them immunity for the unbridled embezzlement and looting by their carpet baggers and mercenaries they we see daily with our own eyes, we the soldiers in the field and the Commanders who silently let it go on.

If no immunity...then hold off on “surging” until we have it, and as proof of good faith from the faithless secure the release of our political prisoners...the Abu Gharib MP’s, the Hamdaniya and Haditha Marines and the rest all get blanket pardons. Even the rats. Then the new “ROE” will meet expectations. Pardon’s now will go a long way with the soldiers.

Even Stalin stopped the purges and the show trials when his back was against the wall.

But for now...we are somewhere between lions commanded by donkeys...and too loyal dogs led to slaughter and defeat by Judas goats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You prosecute them "under the law", but you would have no part of the law. You are a hypocrite.
If WMDs are wrong for Iraq, then they are wrong for us.
"Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us" means not being a hypocrite.

5:23 AM  

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