Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolution: cost's for IED's.

The problem of IED's is that it's a free shot for the insurgent's, rendering us target practice. Now under the restrictive ROE (rules of engagement) there are no consequences for killing us in this fashion, except on those very rare occasions when we catch the trigger man in the act. That's why it's the main choice for the insurgents. All the counter measures are, can and will be defeated by ingenious solutions costing pennies per unit. A case in point are the pressure devices used in this area. It consists merely of a battery, wires and a couple of metal strips spray painted black (sometimes inside a styrofoam cup) and placed on asphalt. When something drives over it the circuit closes and the IED explodes. Then what happens? Nothing, except we fill in the hole with concrete. Lotta concrete holes in the road around here.

There have to be consequences for the people who plant the bombs, and the people who watch them do it. It's a testament to our discipline that more Haditha's and Hamdaniya's don't happen. Why don't reporters ever ask WHY the Marines went looking for bombers who had bombed over and over, whose names were in our database, who were known to us? WHY are these people at large? WHY are our soldiers and Marines target practice?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you've never been here and have no COIN experience with some of your opinions. Those "restrictive ROEs" are in place for very good reasons. This isn't a "clear and hold" war. It's a counterinsurgency.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh....if you mean here is Iraq...I am afraid I am here for the second trip. My objections to the restrictive ROE's, should you read on or back has nothing to do with restricting unnecessary violence, quite the contrary. It's mainly the use of the ROE as a legal snare for GI's, and also that it retards the good we are trying to do here, mainly in our own interests in fighting the salifi off our own soil.

I congratulate you on your good fortune in actually fighting any kind of counter-insurgency. You are quite correct on my lack of experience...if anything I have participated in other than a few blessed unlawyered minutes here and there was COIN, I truly despair.

BTW...I think the new plan is "clear and hold" if you are one of the people who believes words shape reality.

PS...I think you do reek of lawyer...or at least divorced staff. But the Lord hates a coward, so I posted and answered....

9:27 PM  

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