Saturday, January 13, 2007

A mental surge

Yes, dear readers, I am among the fortunate ones selected for extension. In fact, I now expect to be hanging around here so long that I began to wonder: what are the residency requirements for Iraqi citizenship?

Here me out. We can still win, er....surge. We are already doomed to be in Iraq until the end of time. Why not apply for Iraqi citizenship? Then, acting as Iraqi citizens we will be free of our idiot Generals, JAG, NCIS, CID, KBR's peculation, the stammering boy-king that loses his nerve, and the ROE that makes us target practice.

As Iraqi citizens WE COULD FINALLY FIGHT TO WIN. Then there's the whole oil royalty thing....

This could work!! We bypass the entire chain.....and as far as rules for us.... like a little kid told us the other day when we caught him stealing "I will keep stealing because you American's deposed Saddam, and now there are no laws".

Wow. He knows Pelosi's in charge? Does this mean no lawyers too?


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