Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me& Al-Hayat


The Neo-Cons' Role in Saddam's Execution 'Deal'

Raghida Dergham Al-Hayat - 05/01/07//

New York - The Iraqi government, its Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as well as the US administration and President George W. Bush, are fully responsible for what happened to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein upon his execution by the militias of sectarian and political vendetta.

For the issue at hand goes far beyond the prosecution of a regime and the lynching of a tyrant. What happened induces compulsory, key and critical questions regarding who is behind inciting sectarian hatred between the Shiites and the Sunnis, and the reality of US policies toward the Middle East region......

(link to her at bottom)*

Basically she is saying it's all a Neo-Con plot, whose goal (get this) is to realize the Shia crescent response below..

Reference Saddam's botched execution; I am in the American Army in Iraq, and have spent 14 of the last 20 years in Military Service. From that standpoint I can assure you, the hidden reason is incompetence amongst our senior officers, a conspiracy to "cover up" their cretinous, abject ineptitude has been afoot for their entire careers. The hidden agenda is for them to get to their pensions before they can be found out. Seriously lady, I have been working for these idiots for many years, they were insufferable do-nothing morons when they were Majors and LTC's, we knew it would be a nightmare when some of them hung around long enough to make General. NO Zionist machinations are necessary indeed if you have been reading the Weekly Protocols of the Neo-Elders, er...I mean The Weekly Standard you would have detected first exasperation then increasing alarm at the course of the war. You may have also noticed some shuffling of the Flag Officer deck recently. We will see what good it accomplishes.

As long as Arab's are looking for the hidden meaning and the true agenda in what American's say when their isn't one, and the American's are taking what the Arab's say at face value (when no Arab would willingly share problems with a stranger) this will continue to be high tragic comedy, say a Naval Battle choreographed by Franz Kafka and Gilbert and Sullivan. Perhaps you can suggest a title?

Finally the emergence of the Shia Crescent stretching from Herat to Sidon is hardly something that serves our interests, whether "us" is the USA or our Zionist puppet masters (tee hee). It's what happens when idiots are put in charge.

When one comes across a bad situation created by the hands of men, and one struggles for an explanation and is faced of a choice between stupidity and villainy, I tend to believe the former. Others give far too much credence to the latter.

Cordial and best wishes for the new year,

SGT "E.L.F", Salah-ah-Din, Iraq



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