Saturday, January 13, 2007

Haditha, show trials, and leaks

If NCIS and JAG, none of whom leave the wire to be target practice for IED's, but force the rest of us to be, want to investigate something, let them investigate these leaks.
As for the USMC...they sadly seem to be doomed to an auto-de-fe of PC Stalinist show trials, so of course every coward seeks to outshout the others in the chorus of denunciations.

Haditha...a terp who was Ministry of Industry told me when it broke that Haditha has two clans...and one went Wahabbi, and started killing everyone, mainly the other clan that didn't go wahabbi, but that included their relatives. So he asked...what to do? Kill em he said.
Look, the point is...we are being sacrficed for PR, to appease the unappeasable, forced to kill according to what can only be described as a arcane legal ritual, or else. Stars and Stripes also has 3 privates being charged with murder for executing detainees.
I have now released far more detainees than we kept....and by Christ all were guilty. Guess what I was thinking.
I have had it with our Generals. The reason for all these prosecutions is they are gathering scalps of privates in anticipation of victors justice on themselves (the leftist legal machine) so this is their defense. Moral cowards, the lot of them.


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