Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spaces of Opportunity

At the interstices of Bin Laden's falsehoods and distortions and the unbridled criminality of his foot soldiers-their petty sadism, inane brutality and murder-are the crossroads of our many little victories if we exploit them. We need only do two things to do better (not perfect) exposing their crimes by our refusal to match him in this the closest of close quarters, and protect by deeds some of the civilians even if we lack the men to protect all. This is the moral high ground we hear so much about, preferred by headquarters dandies and pundits to the mundane actual high ground. If only we were led by morally courageous, uncompromised men these victories can be half won by mere words, the other half being on hand to show people the difference.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Soldiers need immunity

If it’s good enough for the CIA (pardon...OGA) and M.I. it’s good enough for the rest of us.

This has to be the first Army in history where the soldiers are threatened routinely, in fact relentlessly with dire consequences if victorious. If we spent as much time training in the States on any of the basics of counter-insurgency (we never did) as we did on being threatened by JAG and our own officers...then the soldiers here (1) would know valid reasons to be restrained, instead of fear of corporate lawyers in uniform and (2) we’d actually have been trained in what we need to accomplish. Instead we are target practice for IED’s and the bombers....and all the insurgents know damn well they need not fear arrest. It’s we who need fear using violence, and we need mightily to fear our own “leadership”. They just damned another kid to 18 years for not letting terrorists go, and that’s only if he agrees to be a rat.

There are many ways to carry out an order. My uncle was in WWII, the last war we won. When they received orders to go to their deaths on fruitless patrols by field grade officers safe behind the wire, their LT had the decency to take them just outside the wire and stop. When asked what they were doing he responded “staying alive”. At that time being imprisoned for killing the enemy wasn’t a prospect, I daresay they would have found the theory quite bizarre, and their response to the practice would have quickly foreclosed it.

We are too obedient. We are too disciplined. We are entirely too loyal and bearing of true faith and allegiance to the faithless whose only allegiance is to their OER’s. Do I damn all officers here? NO. But the ones who keep faith (and take risks) with us are almost always company grade, and they have no power.

We need immunity, and we need to begin to demand it from Congress and the Administration. If it bothers them they can think of it as a political quid pro quo....they can give us immunity for the predictable consequences of war –killing and destruction-as we have given them immunity for the unbridled embezzlement and looting by their carpet baggers and mercenaries they we see daily with our own eyes, we the soldiers in the field and the Commanders who silently let it go on.

If no immunity...then hold off on “surging” until we have it, and as proof of good faith from the faithless secure the release of our political prisoners...the Abu Gharib MP’s, the Hamdaniya and Haditha Marines and the rest all get blanket pardons. Even the rats. Then the new “ROE” will meet expectations. Pardon’s now will go a long way with the soldiers.

Even Stalin stopped the purges and the show trials when his back was against the wall.

But for now...we are somewhere between lions commanded by donkeys...and too loyal dogs led to slaughter and defeat by Judas goats.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Crime and Peace, War and Punishment

Haditha, Hamdaniya, Abu Gharib

War is not the within the realm of law, hence criminal laws or even the term crime does not apply. Nor should peacetime norms and especially the forms of justice and punishment. Victors justice is still what it has always been, which doesn't make it any less just. It's more important that it be expedient, that it be practical, and quite frankly it can be put aside for more important matters. For instance it is a common practice after victory to keep the enemy leader alive to negotiate a peace, or to be used as a bargaining chip. Just before his execution the very people who would have screamed loudest had we simply killed Saddam in his hole were considering that very option.

The obscene snuff film of Saddam's execution last month is actually a blessing for it highlights the bizarre inappropriateness of using trials, judges and especially lawyers in the middle of a war zone. When the snuff flick was done, and when somehow a rope decapitated his relative last week the Iraqi's justifications came back as what happened to Mussolini, what happened to Ceausescu..

The Iraqi's are right. The entire circus had nothing to do with any of the brutal realities of war in particular this one, and everything to do with post-modernist Americas legal religion. Having thrown down and trampled on all the old moralities, religion and social norms the treason generation has sought to replace all of them with the most overweening, stifling and intrusive legal code in history, that seeks every enclave of life to be regulated by lawyers, preferably lawyers dealing directly with each other and cutting out juries, elections and the great mass of unwashed, unbarred citizens. This code has subverted the foundations and seeped through every other part of American life...and now it seeks to bring war too within it's all encompassing Camp of the Saints.

Which brings us to the military. How (we are admonished) can we expect the great unwashed mass of humanity that hasn't come to the enlightened state of children negotiating with their parents through lawyers, how can we expect them to achieve our enlightened level of civilization if we aren't willing to uphold it ourselves? Clearly the function of JAG, CID and NCIS is to bring the order of the court to the chaos of the battlefield. Gentlepersons, you will begin with the traditional laws of war (never more than a luxury, usually a figleaf, often completely forgotten) which you will morph into the post-modern laws of war, jot by jot, change by change, frago by frago. You need no better a breaching tool than the Rules of Engagement. Change this daily, mission by mission, operation by operation....and do make sure there are competing versions afoot. You can't have post-modernism if anything remains objectively true. Should they protest remind them of the rule of lawyers, imply they have let down the side, and hope the natural need for discipline stifles not only dissent but thought itself.

Haditha: TIME magazine, NCIS and JAG were a little too uncritical of the Iraqi's account, and a little too eager to hang the Marines. It's coming out now...but the law should have never been allowed on the scene in the first place. It was a battle, not a crime.

Hamdaniya: Maybe if we weren't held to the "legal" standard for detaining hostiles (from experience there isn't really any standard. 1st Cav believes in holding and interrogating terrorists. 1/34 BCT doesn't, so they arbitrarily let them go) the Marines in Hamdaniya wouldn't have been looking for a bomber released three times, and had to settle for a Iraqi cop. Really....a police force so corrupt they make the Mexican cops look like Carmelite nuns....does anyone think they killed an innocent person? He was at least as guilty as everyone else who let the insurgents excavate large holes and place large bombs in them.

Abu Gharib: The best example of picking up and setting aside the law as needed. The investigation was conducted under color of command, without Taguba informing the intended fall guys he was conducting an investigation until after they talked. So much for Miranda (UCMJ Article 31B). Both the Taguba and Fay investigations make clear the MP's were following orders although as they were "unlawful" orders they have to be punished. Not so unlawful command actually means responsibility however....the Commander took the Fifth, the lower enlisted took the fall. Commanders retire, enlisted scum go to jail.
What exactly is unlawful in the context of our cities destroyed and under siege, civilians murdered as the objective both in the US and Iraq when you are holding a very bad person who knows something valuable, a person who has lost the right to ask for mercy by their own actions? In a war with no end in sight with the enemy crowing that they will show us no mercy, and laughing literally in our faces that we do?

Unlike NCIS, CID and JAG we have to endure those smirks, and watch ourselves letting them go off to take another free shot at us. I've said before on these pages....soldiers need immunity.

Until then...let's try this: if you get challenged by our upholders of ever shifting standards on your warmaking..take a page from the insurgents book. Say you know nothing, nothing was done wrong, invoke Article 31B. Keep faith with your battles, don't bow to the faithless and above all else; when they quit and look for more trusting or weaker prey, remember to smirk when they let you go. We owe at least that much to ourselves.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A mental surge

Yes, dear readers, I am among the fortunate ones selected for extension. In fact, I now expect to be hanging around here so long that I began to wonder: what are the residency requirements for Iraqi citizenship?

Here me out. We can still win, er....surge. We are already doomed to be in Iraq until the end of time. Why not apply for Iraqi citizenship? Then, acting as Iraqi citizens we will be free of our idiot Generals, JAG, NCIS, CID, KBR's peculation, the stammering boy-king that loses his nerve, and the ROE that makes us target practice.

As Iraqi citizens WE COULD FINALLY FIGHT TO WIN. Then there's the whole oil royalty thing....

This could work!! We bypass the entire chain.....and as far as rules for us.... like a little kid told us the other day when we caught him stealing "I will keep stealing because you American's deposed Saddam, and now there are no laws".

Wow. He knows Pelosi's in charge? Does this mean no lawyers too?
Haditha, show trials, and leaks

If NCIS and JAG, none of whom leave the wire to be target practice for IED's, but force the rest of us to be, want to investigate something, let them investigate these leaks.
As for the USMC...they sadly seem to be doomed to an auto-de-fe of PC Stalinist show trials, so of course every coward seeks to outshout the others in the chorus of denunciations.

Haditha...a terp who was Ministry of Industry told me when it broke that Haditha has two clans...and one went Wahabbi, and started killing everyone, mainly the other clan that didn't go wahabbi, but that included their relatives. So he asked...what to do? Kill em he said.
Look, the point is...we are being sacrficed for PR, to appease the unappeasable, forced to kill according to what can only be described as a arcane legal ritual, or else. Stars and Stripes also has 3 privates being charged with murder for executing detainees.
I have now released far more detainees than we kept....and by Christ all were guilty. Guess what I was thinking.
I have had it with our Generals. The reason for all these prosecutions is they are gathering scalps of privates in anticipation of victors justice on themselves (the leftist legal machine) so this is their defense. Moral cowards, the lot of them.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me& Al-Hayat


The Neo-Cons' Role in Saddam's Execution 'Deal'

Raghida Dergham Al-Hayat - 05/01/07//

New York - The Iraqi government, its Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as well as the US administration and President George W. Bush, are fully responsible for what happened to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein upon his execution by the militias of sectarian and political vendetta.

For the issue at hand goes far beyond the prosecution of a regime and the lynching of a tyrant. What happened induces compulsory, key and critical questions regarding who is behind inciting sectarian hatred between the Shiites and the Sunnis, and the reality of US policies toward the Middle East region......

(link to her at bottom)*

Basically she is saying it's all a Neo-Con plot, whose goal (get this) is to realize the Shia crescent response below..

Reference Saddam's botched execution; I am in the American Army in Iraq, and have spent 14 of the last 20 years in Military Service. From that standpoint I can assure you, the hidden reason is incompetence amongst our senior officers, a conspiracy to "cover up" their cretinous, abject ineptitude has been afoot for their entire careers. The hidden agenda is for them to get to their pensions before they can be found out. Seriously lady, I have been working for these idiots for many years, they were insufferable do-nothing morons when they were Majors and LTC's, we knew it would be a nightmare when some of them hung around long enough to make General. NO Zionist machinations are necessary indeed if you have been reading the Weekly Protocols of the Neo-Elders, er...I mean The Weekly Standard you would have detected first exasperation then increasing alarm at the course of the war. You may have also noticed some shuffling of the Flag Officer deck recently. We will see what good it accomplishes.

As long as Arab's are looking for the hidden meaning and the true agenda in what American's say when their isn't one, and the American's are taking what the Arab's say at face value (when no Arab would willingly share problems with a stranger) this will continue to be high tragic comedy, say a Naval Battle choreographed by Franz Kafka and Gilbert and Sullivan. Perhaps you can suggest a title?

Finally the emergence of the Shia Crescent stretching from Herat to Sidon is hardly something that serves our interests, whether "us" is the USA or our Zionist puppet masters (tee hee). It's what happens when idiots are put in charge.

When one comes across a bad situation created by the hands of men, and one struggles for an explanation and is faced of a choice between stupidity and villainy, I tend to believe the former. Others give far too much credence to the latter.

Cordial and best wishes for the new year,

SGT "E.L.F", Salah-ah-Din, Iraq


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Islamism, not Islam

Working definition: We are fighting a fascistic ideology that uses Islam's history and an edited version of the Koran, not Islam itself.

Yes, a valid point. See Pipes link below on British MP Goodman's comments to that effect. I replied that was correct, and pointed out a great tactical mistake we are making.

His analysis and yours are correct; it is Islamism, and not Islam, and the UK has a chance. Unfortunately this argument has no more war-fighting utility than it's Nazi's not Germans, the Japanese war party not all Japanese, etc and we are at fact at war. In fact, these arguments are trivial to the war effort once we disengage from close contact in trying to help the terrorized masses in the Muslim world, which means close combat with the actual guilty bastards trying to destroy both us and the future of the rest of the Muslims. I know from being in Iraq that many of the civilians will respond to a credible offer of protection from the insurgents, whose GIA-like tactics alienate everyone, forcing all to live in fear. If you don't believe me, believe the AQ in UK tablique fighters who came back from Iraq to UK and voiced exactly that complaint.

Which brings up an opportunity ALL are missing: the very same petty, mindless, lowlife criminal brutality gets them their way often in the short term TURNS ALL against them in the long one, even in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even the conservative Arab tribes, ordinary rural people (like the ones around where I am, Balad...which is rich farmland with Sunni/Shia mix) end up more or less very quickly having had enough with the murderous yet petty nihilism, their criminal behaviors (using KNR of even small children to raise funds, their chief source of raising money internally). No matter how lofty their rhetoric, how theologically valid the fatwas (can you tell I've been reading Scheuer) it falls apart in the eyes of the very people they need to raise as the umma nation, the very fish they need to swim in, the very recruiting base they need. Responding both as part of their manly duties and to their own power base, the sheiks and tribal elders will, and do turn on the erhabi (Iraqi for terrorist) and IF we were only there for them, IF our gutless, groveling abject eunuch Generals would let us be there for the Arabs when they turn, village by village and block by block at those moments WE WOULD begin to win.

And that's why, unless you plan to nuke em all (hah hah hah), we need to re-engage the Iraqi's, and start creating those safe havens for the people who are not so much sick of war, but sick of the petty megleomaniac pyschopaths who are the foot soldiers of jihad.

Of course, I doubt that this opportunity will remain on the table forever. Sooner or later, they will clean up their tactics. And then we will have missed another opportunity, like the Palestinians.

Monday, January 01, 2007

"War Crimes"

When are reporter's going to start digging into why our soldiers and Marines are target practice for IED's (apparently the Marines in Haditha and Hamdaniya were just supposed to eat the casualties). Why aren't you digging further into the history of that town, to wit that there are two clans there, and one of them recently converted to Wahabbism and started killing not just Amriki's but their fellow Iraqi's in the town. I got this information by talking to our terps, why is it so hard for the media? Start asking the Marine, err..."leadership" (cough, gasp) what their TTP's (tactics, techniques, procedures) are for an IED, or the Army for that matter. You'll find there are no provisions for retaliation, so it's a free shot for the enemy. Then start asking about Hamdaniya; why was a insurgent who had been arrested three times at large (their intended target)?

New Year's Resolution: cost's for IED's.

The problem of IED's is that it's a free shot for the insurgent's, rendering us target practice. Now under the restrictive ROE (rules of engagement) there are no consequences for killing us in this fashion, except on those very rare occasions when we catch the trigger man in the act. That's why it's the main choice for the insurgents. All the counter measures are, can and will be defeated by ingenious solutions costing pennies per unit. A case in point are the pressure devices used in this area. It consists merely of a battery, wires and a couple of metal strips spray painted black (sometimes inside a styrofoam cup) and placed on asphalt. When something drives over it the circuit closes and the IED explodes. Then what happens? Nothing, except we fill in the hole with concrete. Lotta concrete holes in the road around here.

There have to be consequences for the people who plant the bombs, and the people who watch them do it. It's a testament to our discipline that more Haditha's and Hamdaniya's don't happen. Why don't reporters ever ask WHY the Marines went looking for bombers who had bombed over and over, whose names were in our database, who were known to us? WHY are these people at large? WHY are our soldiers and Marines target practice?

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