Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Terrorism and Guerrillas -- then and now.


Poor. Short of everything to include food. Required local taxes on civilians in food or money, even when they had outside help. Weapons were often stolen or manufactured. (Communism was always poor).
Local/Regional. Recruits, "taxes" in money or food, weapons were local.
Motivation: political, economic redress, worldly (temporal) motives.
Power: from the barrel of a gun to professors, teachers, lawyers, bougeious intellectuals.
Kill to achieve local control.

Level I: mines, grenades, sniper, assassinations . Squad sized. Local units. First stage of Peoples War.
Level II: Platoon company sized formations. Main force units begin to form. Shadow govt local/regional, i.e as in Vietnam.
Level III: Battalion and larger units. Peoples war moves from guerrilla to conventional war.


Rich. Seemingly unlimited outside funding (fill er up). Not only are they rich in weapons, explosives, not least in trained personnel...they actually have "walking around money" to buy sympathy, allegiance, mercenary fighters, even houses from civilians who won’t sell based on threats.
Global. Recruits, $, support both moral and legal, media support. It’s not just the internet..it’s the umma. All support flows to the active regions around the world. The battle is tracked real time by their supporters in London, Cairo, Riyadh and by other interested parties in NYC, DC and LA.
Motivation: religious. Concerned with the spiritual, the eternal (heaven).
Power: from the camera lens, the minaret.
Power: Clerics, scholars, ambitious criminals and warlords, bougeious youth.

I) IED, VBIED, Shahid, as well as mines, grenades, sniper, assasinations .
II) Militia bands take towns, impose sharia. Near complete population denial for government (the enemy truly holds the people, as in many villages and neighborhoods).
III) Strategic terrorist strikes (911, Madrid). Assassination of National figures with eye to shadow coup de main (they hold real power...as they appear to do over Malaki).
Kill as part of the Global theater of the mind.


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