Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Real Wars.

"I don't think you can call this a real war, it's not between Army's". LT, Ft. Knox standard issue type, said in country.

No Lieutenant jokes. This is the operating philosophy from SecDef down, and the institutions DNA. The LT was just honest enough to voice it. The "Rebel Generals" are mostly angry at Rumsfeld because they blame him for putting them in the war we had, not the war they want to have; right now they think it's China, and will keep thinking that until the Chinese are ready. Then suddenly they won't have enough resources, and will testify to Congress we need more troops to win this than we have on the rolls, and couldn't get within years even with a draft.

Not that Big Army would prevail in a "real war" either. Not against China, nor North Korea. Or the Wehrmacht either. Or anyone. In fact soon there will be no won living who won a war wearing this uniform as the WWII generation dies out, except for SF in El Salvador, etc.

Not that there's going to be a "real" war involving armadas of tanks and planes. Not only are these fleets on the sea, air and ground very expensive, they are obsolete. As useless as the Maginot line. Our foes know this..war has changed, but the US military hasn't.


Blogger Bar Kokhba said...

He is just reiterating the same stock that we have heard for years. War for Big Army is supposed to be a war of annihilation like World War II. Never mind that most of the "wars" fought are small scale, low intensity wars.

What he needs to have next on his reading list is John A. Lynn's Battle: History of Conflict and Culture (cursed infidel Blogger won't let me underline!) so he can be exposed to the thesis of war is what the dominant culture says it is. The definition of what is and is not a "Proper War" is an ever changing thing.

Big Army subscribes to theories like Victor Hanson in The Western Way of War. Never mind that according to Lynn's thesis, it is Western because Westerners say it is, not some innate Western-ness . A subtle distinction that is lost on the mass produced cookie cutter regurgitaters of The Almighty Doctrine.

Then again, if he reads that (Lynn), the Armor Officers Basic Course will never be the same.

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