Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New War

The new way of war (terrorism) is simple to understand: it's real life with guns, bombs and the law of the jungle as "the market". Murderers are sent when in America you'd send lawyers, or talk it out. You have political parties, but they are nothing without your own murder crews.

The franchise will no longer be guaranteed by the gun, the gun is the franchise.

As the bulk of the Army spends it's time in garrison, the field or even in war in a regimented environment it's risible that people who've spent decades in it could adapt as an institution or that the leadership could grasp it. They don't have to deal with the rough and tumble of life outside the government cocoon, in their case a cocoon that seeks a standard for every tick and movement of their lives. Iraq is where all the discipline on minor things like walking when you smoke and having a standard for everything you do pays off. For the enemy, SGM. You end up with people who can't cope without being told what to do...facing an enemy who has run rings around them the entire time.


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