Thursday, November 23, 2006

The New Army

The Army has all the leadership and knowledge it needs to succeed in its' lower and middle levels. Once the path is cleared for these fine people, the re-organized Army will build around and be trained and led by SF/SOF, CALL personnel and veterans who've actually done it. We have the finest trainers in the world-Special Forces-and it's time for them to actually train the rest of us. This isn't an innovation, our enemies have made it a best practice since the Strum battalions trained the rest of the Imperial German Army in WWI. It's been a best practice for the WWII Germans, the Soviets, and the North Koreans as well. Elite forces train the rest. Don't expect either to be happy about it.

"He should be trained to shoot rapidly on foot, either in the Roman or the Persian manner" Maurice's Strategikon, 6th century BC.

The Byzantine cataphract was trained to fight mounted or dismounted, when mounted he carried lance, spear and bow, most importantly he trained not just in the latter Roman fashion but practiced Persian or Parthian battle drills as well. He knew how his enemy fought.

Our soliders must train and fight as both guerrillas themselves and as a heavy force on force uniformed Army. Each major formation, whether it be Brigade or Division will have a formal training relationship with it's respective elite forces. Everyone trains to do their specialty while fighting as infantry, and everyone fights. The days of little garrison USA being established and maintained while the world burns around them must end.


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