Monday, November 06, 2006

The failure.

We have failed here despite our best efforts and signal successes for three reasons.

1) USA and ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) have utterly failed to provide local security nationwide. Local security means where the people, or for that matter Iraqi officials and ISF personnel live, where their families sleep, where the civilian works. The militias have filled that vacuum.

2) We have misunderstood the motives of the insurgency from day one. We focused on the economic (Marx, again) and the other word the temporal. The enemy has always been focused on the spiritual and the next world. Perhaps we should start taking him at his word. He seems to do his best to keep his promises so far.

3) This isn't really an "insurgency". It's a Global jihad, with terrorist and guerrilla tactics from the lowest to highest levels. In US military terms....Level I (small groups = individual IED, suicide bomber, truck bomb or sniper) level II (mid-intensity warfare, platoon or smaller sized elements = ) to level III (high intensity warfare, large sized formations = strategic terrorist actions such as 911 or the Madrid bombings). Doubtless the enemy has read Mao, it seems the jihadi have adapted terrorism to each level to replace mass formations at any level. Sorry DOD.


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