Friday, November 10, 2006

The enemy understands how to shock, terrify and wear down morale with his theatre macrabre (911 as the greatest act of art in history), while inspiring his own followers.

A.Q also learned the lessons from EZLN (the Zapatistas) in mobilizing NGO's for their cause...and the NGO's listen and assist..Incredibly given the overt reactionary fascism of Islamism. Maybe it's a case of paying attention.

We meanwhile appear dumbfounded that we're losing the propaganda war. Perhaps it's because we're not fighting.


Blogger Bar Kokhba said...

We aren't the only ones that are pissing away the propaganda war. See Losing the Media War.

I'm convinced that The Powers That Be don't fully understand that we have to sell the drama as much as throw punches. It's as though they are convinced that the rest of the world will see something Just And Moral and just fall in line. Most parts of the world don't dispense with abstractions that are intellectual, like freedom or democracy. They follow emotion and tradition, not to mention self interest. They could care less about reasoned principles.

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