Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chapter 11 time

Big Army (Big Government in uniform) must undergo chapter 11 reorganization-something most industries underwent from the 70's to the 90's. Chapter 11 means bankruptcy organization, for we are bankrupt in leadership and values. They can post as many signs up as they want, when a moment of moral choice bites their interests these big macho, tabfinder studs fart and blow out the window. A great case in point is Abu Gharib...where the Commanders' took the 5th, and the junior enlisted took the fall. That's not an isolated case, but is becoming a pattern.

Chapter 11 begins by firing the top and middle management, and replacing it with competent leadership that will make tough choices, and in our case a lot fewer leaders period. So adios to our Generals and our Smadges....yes you too, you let it go on. Before we do anything else the path must be cleared of deadweight and debris first; the Force in Being Powell Army/Big Army must die to make way for a fighting Army.


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