Sunday, November 19, 2006

Broadway or Baghdad? Apparently Broadway.

The voters have spoken. We had a choice between fighting on our soil, and fighting off it (maybe). The choice was made. Our fellow citizens forgot what 3000 dead an hour was like, so they blanched at 3000 over 5 years of an offensive where the fight was bought to the enemy homeland, with many thousands of their fighters killed, several times that taken prisoner. Make no mistake...this means it's over for us in this region. We will lose the entire region to include Afghanistan, the bulk of the worlds energy and more deadly the Muslim demographic bomb will be in the hands of mortal enemies. We will now face the situation of Byzantium at the end of the 7th century...having lost the same ground. Get ready for the new America: alone, surrounded by enemies, and poor. That's right Aghab. When we get rolled up the international system of security collapses. That means the collapse of trade relations as we knew them and most importantly the end of the USA's unlimited credit card.

The next attack against the West may well be a terrorist coup de main (like Madrid) designed to break our will completely. If preserving my life was my most important value, I'd get the hell away from Manhattan.

Mona Charen gets it: the writing is on the wall...all the walls.


Blogger Bar Kokhba said...

Mona forgot that someone tagged the cat with the writing and now it is leaving wet paw prints of red paint everywhere else, too.

Henry the K has given up on it too:

It seems that the course of action is to rope in the countries that provided bases for the influx of insurgents. Asking Syria and Iran to "make peace" is like having a rapist teach a sex education class. Or getting Laos, Cambodia, and Ho Chi Minh to buy in on peace in Viet Nam.

"Um, I'll take that piece over there. And you take this piece over here."


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