Monday, October 30, 2006

I just finished "The Shining Path" by Gustavo Gorriti...and am reading "The Spider and the Starfish" (on leaderless organizations) and had following thought:
A.Q may not be the "leaderless organization" A.Q 2.0 is supposed to be, but at most a Hybrid (mix of hierarchical and leaderless, or all channel). Think on this:
UBL hand picked the organizations' staff himself, and has great organizational skills and inclinations.
He was determined enuf about this enterprise to rub out Abdel Azzam, strictly over power and not a falling from the faith as far as we know. That is the will to power. How can he change his spots?
All the original big operations, and 911 were centrally planned and directed. The recent big jetliner attack on London airliners was directed from Pakistan, which still seems to be the hub of things.
The pressure on their hierarchy seems to have severely retarded their ability to close big operations like another attack on US.
If they are truly leaderless, non hierarchy organization why are such precautions taken about the leadership, not only UBL? Why react so violently, and personalize the reaction to getting close to people close to him ? Why is UBL being shadowed by bodyguard with orders to kill him to prevent capture?
Why did Zarqwari have to swear allegiance to UBL?
What got me thinking all this is studying Sendero and the central role of Guzman, and the precautions taken to protect him. Perhaps we, or the non-hierarchical enthusiasts among us saw an organization we wanted to see....flat, leaderless, etc. Maybe AQ isn't "Craigslist" of jihadi after all (I never bought stateless).


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